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We’re not your typical stock or crypto group. We don’t have webhook mods who don’t provide any help. Neither do we have hidden additional fees to “unlock” more channels and guides. Everything in our discord is provided in our monthly membership at no additional cost. We have dedicated providers and staff ready to help at any time. Our community comes first.


Alerts For Stocks
And Crypto

Are you more interested in stocks? or are you more interested in crypto? We have both so you don’t have to choose between them. From long term stock and crypto alerts to day trades, we have it all.

Stocks and Crypto

Extensive Education

From starter guides on what a stock is, to using indicators, to real time analysis and trades, there’s always something you can learn from. Still have questions after reading over our in-depth guides, live technical analysis, and more? We have LIVE Q&A sessions almost weekly, so any of our members can address their questions and learn more!

Some, but not all,
additional features

Custom Monitors

From optoins flow to crypto currency to nfts, our custom monitors got you covered.

Live Trading

Watch experts trade live nearly every week. See what makes them so successful.

Community Channels

Relax and have fun with other members in our various community channels.

TA Requests

Request technical analysis(TA) from our experienced trader on any stocks or crypto.


Tools to pull charts, do TA, and more, making learning even more seamless.

1 on 1 Support

Need more clarification and help? We have 1 on 1 ticket support for ALL members.

See what our members have to say!

Beginner Friendly

The absolute best thing about his group aside from the high success percentage is the fact that as a beginner I'm able to ask a TON of questions on anything and everything. There may be other groups out there that have good calls, but the analysts & staff here at FlashFund (as well as some very experienced members) help you understand the chaos that goes on with daytrades. They teach you how to cook, not just follow a recipe.

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Fun and Easy to Profit

I haven’t been to very much “stock groups” but I’ve definitely never seen people take so many high risk plays with such a huge success rate with the gains being just as big. Definitely a lot of money to be made with this group and not to mention a truckload of goofy people to make your day, you could seriously make your monthly back in a day if you really tried even with a small portfolio size. 100% would recommend and will be recommending to friends.

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Helpful Staff & Friendly Community

Are and staff have really opened my eyes on how TA and the market works. I have made money on most of the plays I have entered and $75/m is a bargain. You can ask questions, seek investment advice, and ultimately get opinions on anything to do with the market. Everyone is really friendly and fun to mess around with. Would recommend to anyone, even people that aren’t as familiar with the market.

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Consistent Gains

Been making some decent money! I’m continuing to learn discipline in cutting losses/securing profits but i honestly need to learn how to study the market and read charts first. But the gains have been consistent and the calls have been on point. Definitely worth the money and this group has had me looking forward to waking up on the weekdays.

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Flash Fund Doesn’t Dissappoint!

Been part of Flash Fund since their first beta trial, and can fully vouch for their leadership team. Even if you are an inexperienced trader, the flash fund team does not shy away from teaching those who are willing to learn. Even if you are an inexperienced trader, the flash fund team does not shy away from teaching those who are willing to learn. Are He has even helped me save up enough funds to order a Tesla model 3.

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Phenomenal Education

Since joining and following are's plays, I've been able to triple my portfolio in a matter of months. It's not only about the money though, the education at hand is phenomenal as well. Learning the lessons of trading under the wing of someone like are is like skipping 4 major steps when getting started. From risk management to the reasons behind a certain trade. It's all there for you.

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